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Soothe Your Soles

23913 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI 48124





       Hours: 313-671-7909

Monday         10AM-6PM

Tuesday         10AM-6PM

Wednesday   10AM-7PM

Thursday      10AM-6PM

Friday           9AM-5PM

Saturday       9AM-3PM











     Foot Reflexology Rates



60 Minutes $60   



By Appointment Only: 313-671-7909 


24-hour cancellation policy in effect.





















No open wounds or fungus.  

If you have a cough, cold or flu it is best to have a reflexology session when you are feeling better.  

File toenails if necessary as I work around the toes.  

Please avoid strong perfumes and fresh toenail polish on the day of your visit. 

Please wear comfortable fitting pants that roll up.






Foot reflexology is about nurturing your body through the feet.  Gentle and firm pressure is applied to specific points on the feet that corrspond to the internal organs. This clears the pathways so that inflammation and other blockages are removed. Clients have commented that they feel as if they have had a full body massage following their session.  Slowly through pressure the body returns to normal.  Reflexology is a therapeutic foot massage.


Lauren Burtell has been a certified reflexologist since 2009.






Applying pressure to specific areas on the feet that correspond to internal organs in the body. 




  • Increases energy flow and circulation
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Removes toxins






"Good over all. Five Stars." Ali A. February 22, 2018


“Very nice experience! I’ll be back!”  Dana G. February 20, 2018


“Great Experience and Very Relaxing." Connie M. January 28, 2018


“Lauren is very sweet and the session was very relaxing.Karen K. January 19, 2018


“Great, relaxing experience. Need to track down the orange hand lotion Lauren used. My hands smell and feel great!”  Karen L. Dec. 30, 2017


“Very relaxing and pleasant experience!” Bodashia C. Dec. 26, 2017


“This was a wonderful experience. Lauren has such a gentle yet firm touch. I couldn’t believe 50 minutes went by. I didn’t want her to stop. I was so relaxed when she was done I didn’t want to get up. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.” Rachelle R. Dec. 21, 2017


"Lauren was thorough, patient and very informed, I can't wait for my next appointment in January. Kim L. Dec. 19, 2018


“Lauren was exceptional, very knowledgeable & professional. I will be sending my daughter soon! I will also be returning for a 2nd time. Don’t miss out on this deal - very worth it and awesome!!!” Carmen J. Dec. 8, 2017


”Great relaxing experience! Awesome and very knowledgeable. Can’t wait for my next appointment!” Shameek J. Oct. 17, 2017


”She was very knowledgeable and made sure I was completely comfortable!" Danielle W. June 24, 2017


"This was such an awesome experience. My body was so relaxed and felt better when I left. Such a nice lady." Shanna B. March 7, 2017


"Awesome. Full of energy. Well equiped with knowledge of reflexology and extremely personable." Ernestine L. February 24, 2017


"Lauren provided high quality and very relaxing massage. It relieved the pain that I have been experiencing in my feet for months. The atmosphere was very relaxing and I felt comfortable. I would suggest getting the hand massage and hot towel wrap, it really made the experience even better. I can't wait to go back!" Ricardo G. February 23, 2017


"Great customer service. Relaxing and nice atmosphere. I highly recommend!" Carol M. February 22, 2017


"It was amazing, very relaxing, very instructional.She does everything with the purpose and for a healthier lifestyle! I will recommend it to everyone! I will be going back many times!" Tammi S. February 21, 2017


"Lauren, you were amazing!!!!! Will definitely be back soon! Thanks!!!!!" 😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺ Shamika W.. February 15, 2017


"I just got home and my feet and hands feel better than I can ever remember. I was also gifted with a knowledgeable and friendly expert, I highly recommend!!!" Thomas G. February 13, 2017


"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Lauren. It was very relaxing. She shared her knowledge with me that I found to be very informative. Thanks Lauren." Kimberly B. February 9, 2017


"This was my first appointment at Soothe Your Soles, I've already made another appointment. Lauren is very knowledgeable and was concerned about my needs. The massage was very relaxing and brought relief to my feet and legs. I definitely recommend Lauren and her services." Vicki L. January 24, 2017"  


"Amazing! I felt so relaxed and uplifted. My tired, sore feet and legs have never felt so energized. I can't wait until my next appointment." Nancy S. Jan. 12, 2017


"Excellent experience. I will be a long time customer." Daniel B. Jan. 10, 2017


"I just had it done today, my feet feel better, especially after the extra $5 peppermint and hot towel wrap." Diane R. Jan. 9, 2017


"I've never had foot reflexology before and it felt wonderful. Lauren is very knowledgeable and explained everything she was doing. I felt very relaxed and comfortable with her." Diana B. Jan. 2, 2017


"I was soothed and healed and I learned a lot about the parts of the foot and the corresponding body parts. Will definitely go again." Barbara A. Dec. 29, 2016


"Excellent! Absolutely worth every penny, the best experience I've ever felt, my feet feel amazing." Skip W. Dec. 15, 2016




"Very relaxing!!!" Dana W. Dec. 2, 2016


"I Just enjoyed the service and will go again." Jacqueline W. Nov. 10, 2016

"Very nice lady she's very good at what she does, my feet felt very light, was very relaxing." Amira S. Oct. 22, 2016


"Lauren was very nice and informative...nice gal.  Also, my feet felt wonderful after. I was amazed!! I have neuropathy from chemo treatments and the session did wonders." Irazema M. Oct. 20, 2016


"Great experience! Very knowledgable and i will be returning!Lauren is awesome. Very knowledgeable, skilled, and great personality." Rachel A. Oct. 17, 2016


"Great experience! Very knowledgable and I will be returning!" Brittany P. Oct. 6, 2016


"The reflexology for my feet was amazing! The therapist was very nice and professional. She also was very informative! Would definitely see her again!" Cheryl D. Sept. 28, 2016


"My feet feel amazing." Tricia N. Sep. 20, 2016


"Lauren was excellent! I have already made my next appointment, I felt wonderful afterwards. Thanks Lauren!" April Z. Sep. 19, 2016

"LOVED IT! She was great and I left feeling awesome. I made another appointment. GREAT GREAT GREAT!"  Kasandra E. Sep. 14, 2016

It was very relaxing to the point I fell asleep for a few minutes. I've booked another appointment." Michelle M. Sep. 2, 2016


"Lauren was wonderful I made another appointment." Stephane P. Aug. 27, 2016 


"I really enjoyed my foot massage." Beverly S. Aug. 20, 2016

"Excellent service! Professionalism at its best. Would definitely recommend to other potential clients. Brenda P. Aug. 3, 2016



"Loved my appointment. Super knowledgeable, pleasant environment... will be scheduling again.  Seana P. July 27, 2016


"She was very knowledgeable when it comes to the feet and how pain was connected to the feet."  Tenisha B. July 1, 2016                                                                                                                       

"This was my first foot reflexology and I LOVED IT. It was a wonderful and relaxing experience and Lauren was very professional and a pleasure to meet. I enjoyed talking to her. I will be making my appointment again really soon. Thank You, Lauren."
Latoya N. June 16, 2016


"The massage treatment concentrated on the pressure points of my feet releaving tension and felot great!!" Darice S. June 7, 2016


"Great experience! I really enjoyed my session! Angela P. May 28, 2016


Thank you so much! I really enjoyed my session and feel so much better." Teri U. May 16, 2016


"Lauren was very professional and knowledgable regarding reflexology. The session was very relaxing and I enjoyed it." Debra H. May 16, 2016


"The skill and technique was very professional. I've had plenty of foot reflexology sessions and this is one of the best. She was very knowledgeable, gave good sound advice and knows her profession very well.” Rinda F. May 10, 2016


Excellent experience. Very well satisfied. Would recommend to all. Soothing, relaxing, money well spent." Bob M. April 11, 2016


"This was a very nice experience. I will be making another approintment for sure." Tamey L. March 5, 2016.                                                                                    


"Great service and hospitality." Pam N. February 12, 2016.                                        


"Awesome and beyond relaxing. Highly recommend." Mike S. Feb. 4, 2016

                                                                                                                                            "She was very professional and helped me more than I could imagine. I have another appointment in a month from now." Shari L. Jan. 11, 2016


Q"My whole body feels relaxed.  I feel like I had a full body massage.  Loved it!" Debra B. November 23, 2015.    


"Lauren always does a nice job." Delaino J. November 10, 2015


"Very nice." Mark F. November 2, 2015


"She did a great job and was very knowledgeable." Steven G. October 23, 2015

"The best reflexology ever! In addition, Lauren was extremely knowledgeable." Tamara A. October 03, 2015

"Lauren is amazing." Maxine H. September 29, 2015


"Lauren is always very helpful and knowledgeable." Delaino J. September 15, 2015


"Lauren was awesome I will recommend her to all my friends." Iman K. Sept. 2, 2015


"Very relaxing for my arthritic feet.  Would go everyday if I could." Connie M. August 28, 2015

"Great stimulation of your feet and senses. Dan L. August 22, 2015

"This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to a return visit." Marlene R. August 7, 2015


"I loved my experience at Soothe Your Soles. Lauren was awesome and I already made my next appointment." Noelle N. August 6, 2015

"I paid extra to get my hands and arms done and to get hot towels. It was worth the minimal amount for this service. Lauren was very nice and shared the areas of the body that were impacted by the different parts of the feet." Diane R. August 3, 2015

"Lauren is very knowledgable in reflexology. Willing to guide you thru the benefits as it affects the entire body and organs. Highly recommend this service." Sharon P. July 20, 2015

"Everything was excellent service and customer service...really enjoyed the experience. Made another appointment already." Andrea A. July 2, 2015


"I had a wonderful experience, Lauren! Thank you! I'm coming back and bringing my friend also." Danette F. June 14, 2015

"Lauren did an excellent job." Taraq A. June 5, 2015


"I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment with Lauren. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about health and health products. Can't wait till my next appointment. Thanks, Lauren. Esther C. May 29, 2015.

                                                                                                                                            "I'd recommend this for anyone who is on their feet all day! This is not a massage like you'd receive during a pedicure...This is 30-60 minutes of heaven." Karen M. May 26, 2015.



"Very knowledgeable about reflexology and natural healing. Enjoyable experience." Pat L. May 14, 2015.